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Aveda Hair Care Reviews

Overall this shampoo is excellent for dry hair. The Kerastase bain de force shampoo.


Great shampoo. I choose Kerastase products and use it regularly to invest in my hair for its natural strength, shine and overall health! Bain de Force makes your hair visibly stronger. Great shampoo for greasy hair, too! Gives hair strength and shine that lasts. Really works for me. Highly recommend!

Happy Holidays

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Kerastase hair products
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Kerastase Hair Products

Kerastase manufacture some the words best shampoo, conditioners and masques.

Kerastase makes excellent hair products. I like this shampoo, it leaves my hair very silky and it has a great rich lather and nice smell. The only downside is that Keratase products are quite expensive for everyday use. I have other shampoos I use for my first lather, and then finish with this one. A small amount of the product goes a long way. If you leave the lather on your hair for several minutes, it works better.

Happy holidays.

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Aveda Hair Care
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Review: Love!

Aveda 5I love that dry remedy of aveda and there hair coloring system that my salonist used on my short hair, for some reason my hair doesnt feel straw like when I use any shampoo, aveda hair coloring system is the best for my hair, now I had my hair recolored with wella brand from another salon, YUUKK, never again, i will go back to bella viva at our kaneohe winward mall to have them use aveda on my hair again!!

Healthy Hair

Fine textured hair can be damaged easily from coloring of the hair. The fine hair has less cuticle layers so the penetration of chemicals occurs faster.

Coarse textured hair has more cuticle layers. This type of hair is more resistant to coloring. Coloring on any type of hair can damage it if the wrong level of peroxide is used or you are over-processing your hair.

If you constantly change your color you must regularly use deep conditioning treatments. Over-processing is the main reason if your colored hair looks dull.

One of the most important elements of hair coloring is determining your hairs’ underlying pigment. When you combine underlying color and artificial color in the right way you get the desired result.

How to Test Hair Color
You should always test for allergic reaction on your skin. Here is how:

• Place a small amount of the color on your skin.

• Wait 20 minutes.

• If there is allergic reaction, do not use the color.

Test the product on a few strands

Suggested Treatments for Color damaged hair.

Kerastase Reflection – The line specifically designed for sensitized, color-treated hair. Reflection lengthens the life and brilliance of color treatments while repairing the damage to your hair.