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Mood Beauty

According to research firm Mintel, ‘mood beauty’ – which translate to products that come with psychological benefits by interacting with the body’s neurotransmitters — will be one of the key trends for 2010 among other industry innovations.

One of these innovations, according to Mintel, will have manufacturers make use of active mood enhancers as ingredients for their products, while “the idea of beauty sleep will take on new meaning, as cosmetics claiming to induce positive moods or improve sleep quality inject new life into night care products.”

How to Banish Bad Hair Days in 2010

Having a good hair day could mean spending money on salon appointments and several products to look as good as one does when he or she leaves the salon.

But dermatologists say having healthy, beautiful hair does not have to break the bank.
Bad hair days are often caused by damaged hair. When the hair cuticle, or the hard outer surface of the strand, is damaged, the inner fibers of the strand are exposed, resulting in frizzy, flyaway or lackluster hair.

Any care routine or products used should be gentle enough to maintain the structure of the hair fiber and cuticle.

Brush up on one’s hairbrush.

Plastic brushes with wide-spaced needles work the best and do not cost as much as boar-bristle brushes, which put a lot of friction on the hair by going against its natural grain.

“Boar bristle brushes can cause a considerable amount of damage,” Mirmirani said.

Bring the color treatment home.

Hair color found on store shelves is basically the same product used in the salons, meaning one can save considerable money enlisting the help of a friend for quick touch-ups.


Shiseido Pledge

“Through the creation of products possessing true value and exceptional quality, we strive to help our customers realize their dreams of beauty, well-being and happiness.”

The Bottom Line
With a corporate culture of “beauty and technology”, Shiseido prides itself on its desire to provide a new definition of beauty and personal fulfillment. Shiseido Future Solution Eye and Lip Contour Cream is formulated with Yang Tao Leaf Extract to “protect collagen”, and a Lasting Support Hydro-Veil that promises to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles. Shiseido’s Bio-Performance Intensive Skin Corrective Program combines two formulas, serum and balm, that together profess to increase skin’s firmness and radiance while delivering increased hydration.