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Men Too use Beauty Products

Nearly 10 per cent of British men have admitted using make-up once in a while. One in ten men in UK had turned to hair removal cream or wax, while seven per cent owned up using their partner’s hair straighteners.
Buzz up!Six per cent of blokes confessed using nail varnish, while five per cent used eyeliner or mascara.

It’s common knowledge that women enjoy pampering themselves at home and making the effort to look good using an array of beauty gadgets, lotions and potions. But, little did we know that men also secretly want to jump on the beauty bandwagon.

Though they do not know how to use each one of the beauty products, most of them end up making a mess.

Men often use their partners cosmetics to pamper themselves. Though they do not know how to use each one of the beauty products, most of them end up making a mess.

So watch out ladies, keep those prized beauty must-haves under lock and key!

Top 10 beauty products and appliances
that men borrow are tweezers, moisturizer, hair dryer, nail filer, hair styling products, lip gloss, face mask or facial scrub, shaver, concealer, and hair removal cream or wax.

Weleda natural skin care products are 'truly organic'

A natural skin care expert has highlighted Weleda as a truly organic brand, noting that some of its rivals are not as green as they claim to be.

Just because a company purports to be green and eco-friendly, it does not necessarily mean their products are free from “bad” ingredients which can potentially be toxic, a columnist for the And My Kitchen Sink blog pointed out.

Consequently, she highlighted Weleda’s natural skin care range as being among her favourite moisturising products which are kind to the skin and free from chemicals.

She had particular praise for Skin Food, which she said is perfect for treating dry feet.

“It sinks in fast, makes your feet baby soft and it has a really soft, refreshing smell,” she added.

Earlier this week, the New Zealand Herald’s life and style correspondent Janetta Mackay said that Weleda’s Birch Body Scrub and Cellulite Oil are both great for clearing up imperfections on the skin.

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