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Hair Types

Normal hair is identified as shiny, supple and elastic up to the tip. Anybody with such hair should do everything to maintain it. A mild shampoo is recommended. However, “conditioner is always a must,” says Mallari. To maintain hair’s shine and smoothness, normal hair still needs special and regular care to ensure that it remains elastic and shiny while it maintains its natural balance.

There are many causes of and dry hair. It may be related to or caused by hormones, weather, the wrong comb or brush, too much blow-drying and curling, wrong shampoo and other chemical treatments. Dry hair can also be associated to our body’s dry skin. Dry hair should be treated with regular use of conditioner and proper treatments.

People with greasy hair can have dandruff problems too. According to the official web site of Schwarzkopf, sebum (oil) is released “through the hair follicle canal that forms a natural protective film on the hair.” Greasy hair is a result of excessive release of oil from the sebaceous glands that the hair shaft cannot absorb anymore. People with such condition are advised to wash the hair whenever necessary and to avoid excess use of hair care products.

Colorants disturb the natural structure of the hair. Intensive hair repair program is required to maintain the elasticity and balance of a color-treated hair. Protect the hair from sunlight to prevent fading of its color.

Damaged hair is brittle, difficult to comb after wash, and has developed split ends. Excessive use of chemical products for the hair, over-exposure of hair to heat or sunlight, and lack of nutrients contribute to hair damage.

Dry Hair Theraphy

Dryness is the most common hair problem. Even the healthiest head of all needs to maintain moisture. For normal to dry hair, Schwarzkopf Professional’s BC Moisture Kick line rebalances the moisture level of the hair. This set of products comes in shampoo, spray conditioner and a moisture recharger, the newest in its line.

For greasy, dandruff-prone and thinning hair, purelogy hair Expert range targets specific hair and scalp needs. The newest in its line is thePureology AntiFade Real Curl. For long-lasting color-treatment, use Pureology Antifade Colour Max .

Like the skin, hair needs a deeper therapy to maintain balance and to rebuild the nutrients lost due to chemical and environmental factors. Aside from packing your diet with enough supply of vitamins and nutrients, it is also wise to use products that suit your hair needs.

CHI flat irons

CHI flat irons are a very popular choice of hair straightener. The Farouk CHI flat iron was the first to have ceramic plates, making it a best seller. But are today’s CHI flat irons any good or have they been eclipsed by other brands of flat iron?

You can still buy the original CHI ceramic flat iron. It’s the cheapest model in the CHI range and falls into the medium priced category for flat irons. It comes with 1″ ceramic plates, heats in seconds and is still a very good hair styling tool. But if you’re thinking of buying a CHI flat iron then you might be best to buy a Farouk CHI Turbo flat iron. CHI Turbo flat irons come in 3 different plates sizes; 0.75″, 1″ and 2″. Choosing what size is best for you depends on your type of hair. Generally, the shorter or thinner your hair the narrower the plate size. Conversely, if you have long or coarse hair, then you’re best using a wider plate. The company claims that the ceramic used in the plates of their flat iron are made from NASA tested ceramic – though I’m not quite sure what this actually means. What follows are the pros and cons of the Farouk CHI Turbo flat iron.
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