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TIGI Catwalk Thickening Conditioner

TIGI Catwalk thickineing conditioner With Essential Oils is heat-activated, conditioning/styling cream that adds body, volume and shine.

After shampooing with TIGI Catwalk Thickening Shampoo, dispense TIGI Catwalk Thickening Conditioner into palm and rub hands together. Distribute evenly through damp hair and blow dry. Features of TIGI Catwalk Thickening Conditioner:

Look – thick, full and healthy looking
Feel – soft and thick
Hair types – any hair length or texture
Details – great for men that want no hold good to layer, but not cocktail leaves hair feeling thick and healthy
For an excellent alternative to the TIGI Catwalk Thickening Conditioner, try Keune Blend Volume Conditioner


A Guide To Sensitive Skin Care

If you have sensitive skin, you will already know that it can make your life quite difficult. Climate has an effect on sensitive skin and so on your sensitive skin care routine. One of the first things you should do is stay away from most commercial cosmetic products, because they contain severe chemicals. However, there are people with sensitive skin who do not know it yet, so how can you know if you have sensitive skin?

Some of the most obvious indications are when:

you get skin issues when you shave; the weather can affect your skin; you get skin irritations for no obvious reason; some soaps and detergents irritate your skin; you have to be very discerning when choosing cosmetics.
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Hair Growth and Hair Loss Causes

Basically, one of the most common causes of hair loss in women is by not eating the right kinds of foods. We must remember that hair is a part of our body and so you can keep it healthy, you have to provide it with nourishments it needs.


By eating the right kinds of foods, you will be able to get your blood to supply vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat and deliver it to your hair follicles that could encourage the growth and production of healthy hair. So one way to prevent hair loss in women is what you need to start eating the right kinds of foods.

Most women always go to beauty shops to get their hair dyed or applied to chemicals and machinery in order to get it to look nice. However, the heat on these machines and the abuses that the hair is the beauty in these stores are not what you might call hair friendly. Due to abuse, the hair can become beautiful, but will sustain permanent damage and will eventually lead to hair loss.
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