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O.P.I – Beauty Is In The Polish


One of the biggest selling items in the cosmetic industry is nail polish. Look around tomorrow at work and you will quickly realize that most women wear some form of nail polish. The art of applying color to fingernails started around 3000 B.C.

The mixture of ingredients they use to make nail polish has gone through many changes, including using colored lacquer and henna dyes. Nail polish really is a fashion statement of sorts, but if you wear the wrong color you can really affect your social status. Some of the popular nail polish products are made by Opi, Zoya, Orly, Chanel, Revlon, MAC, Loreal, and Maybelline. Wearing a certain color nail polish can really set the “right mood” which could be anything from a work atmosphere to a big 1st date. Nowadays women spend millions of $ at nail salons getting a manicure so they don’t mind spending a little extra money to paint their nails.
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Brazilian Blowout: A review

One of the hottest beauty services right now is the Brazilian Blowout. It’s a straightening treatment for your hair that softens, smooths, and gives wash-and-go ready locks that lasts up to 12 weeks. For any girl that has even the slightest curl or frizz to their hair, a solution like this is basically a gift from the hair gods themselves.

The treatment has been making the rounds in magazines like Glamour, Teen Vogue, and our very own MSP Mag. It’s gotten celebrity endorsements from Nicole Richie, Ashley Tisdale, and was featured in this segment on E!:
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Redken Extreme Conditioner

Redken Extreme Conditioner condition and detangle your damaged, stressed hair . This strength restoring conditioner will smooth cuticles and ease wet combing, leaving your hair in fabulous shape.

It is Formulated with ceramides and proteins that begin damage control on the inside with a double line of defence, Redken Extreme Conditioner helps prevent further damage and split ends by constantly supplying strength. Your damaged, stressed out hair will be left soft, smooth and more manageable and even the most tenacious tangles will comb through easily.

Directions of use:

•After cleansing your hair with Redken Extreme Shampoo.
•Apply Redken Extreme Conditioner from the roots to the tips of your hair.
•Rinse thoroughly.

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