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Kerastase Reflection


Coarse textured hair has more cuticle layers. This type of hair is more resistant to coloring. Coloring any type of hair can damage it if the wrong level of peroxide is used or you are over-processing your hair.

Read about Cosmetics and Chemistry – to learn more about ingredients in skin and hair products.

If you constantly change your color you must regularly use deep conditioning treatments. Over-processing is the main reason if your colored hair looks dull.

One of the most important elements of hair coloring is determining your hairs’ underlying pigment. When you combine underlying color and artificial color in the right way you get the desired result.

How to Test Hair Color
You should always test for allergic reaction on your skin. Here is how:

• Place a small amount of the color on your skin.
• Wait 20 minutes.
• If there is allergic reaction, do not use the color.

Suggested Treatments for colored damaged hair:

Kerastase Reflection hair products– This line of Kerastase professional hair products was specifically designed for sensitized, color-treated hair. Kerastase Reflection lengthens the life and brilliance of color treatments while repairing the damage to your hair.

Some of the most popular products are featured below:
Kerastase hair mask that intensely hydrates and rebalances the scalp while adding moisture, body and suppleness to the hair.

Kerastase Hair Treatment Milk – which smoothes out hair fiber, boosts color’s radiance and shine.

Kerastase Hair Treatment spray – enhances body and shine at the same time as combating the signs of mature hair aging.

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Holiday Fragrances


For a long-lasting effect, perfume should be layered all over the body, starting with toilet water or eau de parfum, next in strength to perfume, to build the fragrance foundation. Skin type will also affect the way a Perfume smells on a person. Perfume wearers with oilier skin should remember that fragrances interact with the oils in their skin to create a more intense scent. Dry skin does not retain fragrance as long as oily skin, requiring the wearer to reapply the fragrance more often.

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Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom Set
Christian Audigier Christian Audigier Gift Set (3 pcs)
Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Set (3 pcs)
Britney Spears Fantasy Set (3 pcs)