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Beauty Skin Care Tips 10 Secrets For Maintaining Beautiful Skin

It is easy to look young and beautiful regardless of your age. These beauty skin care tips will help you to keep your skin fresh and clean:

1. If you wish to have flawless skin, before swimming in the sea, bathe baby oil throughout the body and slowly scrub by sand. Don’t forget to use cream or lotion with SPF 15 otherwise your skin will be burnt.

2. Prevent sensitive skin from UV in sunlight by bathing almond oil on your body after taking a bath. Or use coconut oil can prevent from sunlight and cold wind as well.

3. Moisturizer for sensitive skin should be without acid or perfume. You can notice the word “Comedogenic” on the product label. It means that this skin care product will not cause the building up of comedones.

4. Normal skin often scab and inch during winter. We suggest using organic skin care products, such as moisturizing lotion which is designed for 24 hour skin moisturizing and skin care.

5. If you wish to have smooth, white, light skin, you can scrub with tamarind. It will make your skin whiten, soften and not cracked or dried especially in winter. Continue reading


Hair Loss In Women Review

What was once thought to be a condition primarily, affecting womens hair loss is now gathering a lot of attention. There have been numerous studies to determine the cause of hair loss. Many hair loss products, hair loss cures and treatments have flooded the market place in recent years.

Diagnosing hair loss in women can be different than the diagnosis in men. With men, genetics is the cause of over 90% of the alopecia cases presented. Female hair loss is often triggered by multiple factors. There are several diagnostic hair loss tests that are often performed in women to determine the trigger of hair loss. Hormone levels, iron serums and thyroid screenings are usually performed as a first line of treatment.
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Finding Your Shade Of Lipsticks


Women use lipstick daily and it is important to know how to find your shade of lipstick.

Determine if you are cool-toned or warm-toned. Those considered to be cool-toned usually have brown or ash blond hair and blue or dark eyes, their skin have red undertones, tending to the pink. The warm-toned people have blond hair, green or hazel eyes and their skin has yellow undertone.

For those with warm skin tone warmer shades will look best “ caramel, cappuccino, browns with hints of gold and bronze. Pink lipstick, red and beige shades will look best on cool-toned skins.

Carry two shades of lipstickone for the day and one for the evening. During the day wear a light shade and for the evening apply one with saturated shade: reds, bronzes, browns and corals. When wearing a strong colors, like this Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick, keep cheeks and eyes neutral, choose pale pinks, beige, browns and plums. This will complement the lips without drawing attention away from them for a truly fabulous look.

Always use a lip liner to define the lips.
Choose a lip liner that matches your lips and lipstick color perfectly or use a lip liner a shade darker from the lipstick. Apply it lightly to the lips and fill in with lipstick. Continue reading

Juice Beauty At-A-Glance


Strengths: They provide complete ingredient lists on their Web site; all of their facial sunscreens provide sufficient UVA protection.

Weaknesses: Expensive; ingredient lists do not reflect FDA standards (terms such as “organic botanical extracts” and “organic juices of” don’t make the regulatory cut); occasional use of jar or clear packaging diminishes the potency of light- and air-sensitive antioxidants; no products to successfully manage acne or skin discolorations; no reliable exfoliants; several products, including the facial sunscreens, contain juices, plant extracts, or fragrant oils that are known skin irritants.

Consumers looking for skin care products with organic ingredients can consider some of the options from Juice Beauty—there are a handful of effective, non-irritating organic skin products in this line. Yet, as I stated before, although organic is a strong pull for consumers, it does not always (actually, in most instances it absolutely does not) translate into better or safer cosmetics. Considering the range of ingredients Juice Beauty uses: most of them are indeed natural and certified organic.

How to Wear Summer's Rainbow Nail Colors

Luxurypalor summer nails

Rainbow bright nail colors are fun to look at—and intimidating to try on. But thanks to a few key tips from Ji Baek, the owner of Rescue Beauty Lounge in N.Y.C., even the most shocking enamels can become wearable everyday accents.

“Think of nail polish as an accessory, like a chunky necklace or a gorgeous handbag,”. “You can make a statement without being flashy.” So step away from the sheer pink and embrace the color storm, one shade at a time.

Some great brands are O.P.I, China Glaze and Essie nail polishes.

We recommend
– China Glaze Summer Rain Nail Polish
Essie Nutcracker Sweet 209