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Chanel Makeup Reviews: Chanel Double Perfection Cream Makeup

A sheer oil-free compact powder foundation effortlessly glides on & long wearing provides light to medium coverage & matte finish Light reflecting pigments blur fine lines & imperfections. Chanel Makeup Helps screen out damaging effects of UV rays Renders you a natural even & radiant complexion.

Check out Chanel Double Perfection Cream Makeup, Chanel bronzing powder and Chanel red lipstick.
Chanel lipstick is available in variety of colors and will make your lips pop to compliment bright summer outfits.

Also, give a try to some other Chanel products we offer here, at Luxury Parlor Cosmetics Store. Chanel body cream goes on smooth on all skin types. This silky, velvet effect makeup provides moderate to full coverage. Rich in anti-shine absorbent powders, it delivers a matte finish.

Chanel Allure body scrub effectively removes dead cells from skin and leaves it fresh and clean. Fine exfoliating beads in Chanel Allure body scrub makes is a mild exfoliating Chanel make up product for daily use.

Chanel Allure Body Tonic explores essences of bergamot, jasmine and cedar and compliments the Chanel makeup products mentioned above.

Most women like the light-reflecting pigments which even out skin tone enhance our beauty. Chanel make up can filter sun with Vitamin E protect your skin for hours.

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Take A Closer Look: How Old is Your Hair?

Birthday’s aren’t the only way to tell Your Age. Does your hair make you look older or younger?

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Dull, brittle, dry, hair can really be a challenge for many people. Some people are just born with genetically challenged hair and realize this is an ongoing battle. Did you know there are three types of Dry Hair with multiple levels of dryness and each one must be treated differently. Naturally dry hair, chemically dry hair and mechanically dry hair. It is so important to understand the difference and get the right products for the right condition. Otherwise you can waste your money addressing the wrong problem.

Naturally Dry
Many people with dry skin usually have dry hair so this is a two fold battle. This is were selecting the right type of quality shampoo plays a huge role in the health and look of your hair. The wrong shampoo can over expand, over cleanse and damage the hair’s cuticle. Naturally curly hair is really susceptible to dryness and responds best to shampoos with natural moisturizers and humectants. For this type of hair condition, I recommend biomega silk shampoo and intensive conditioner. Continue reading

Luxuryparlor Yves Saint Laurent Get The Look Review


The look at Yves Saint Laurent was slightly boyish with hair pulled into a low knot with a strong sideburn statement. “This style is a bit boyish, which is what we’ve seen a lot of this season. The look is inspired by a French Twiggy, slightly tomboyish and very cool look. The left sideburn is key to the look.” –Guido, Redken Creative Consultant.

Redken Products:
velvet gelatine 07 cushioning blow-dry gel
Forceful 23 spray

Redken’s Create The Look Guide:

Blow-dry velvet gelatine 07 cushioning blow-dry gel into damp hair
Create a straight, deep left side part
Sweep hair along the hair line and slightly cover the right ear
Pull hair into a low knot and secure with pins
On the left ear, pull out a small piece to create a very strong, angular sideburn towards the chin
Finish with Forceful 23