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Summer Hair Care Tips

Hairs are the most imperative part of the women’s beauty. Summer brings in lots of energy but it is also accompanied with the scorching sun. The heat emitted from sun in this season leaves hair dry and brittle. If proper care is not taken then split ends are bound to happen in frizzy hair as well as straight hair. In order to prevent the hair from the summer damage and maintain the healthy hair every individual has to put in some extra efforts. Continue reading


Airbrush Makeup: Look Even Better with Clinique Products

Foundation you say, how can something so basic and functional be so incredibly tricky?

There are so many considerations when it comes to finding the perfect foundation – colour and shade (dark, fair, medium, tan, olive, pink undertoned, brown undertoned, yellow undertoned?), skin type (oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, normal skin?), brand loyalty, individual preference (shimmery, matte, oil-absorbing, light-reflecting?) – the list is endless.

So if and when you find a foundation you fall in love with, apply with care and continue to follow a skin care regime.
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Chanel Makeup Review: Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Fluid Makeup SPF15

Coated pigments hide imperfections with an optical effect. Polymers in the formula optimize hold. Leaves you an even & beautiful complexion all day long.
* good coverage
* feels light
* natural look
* Creamy texture
* nice container

* price

This is one our favorite go-to products. It’s literally one of the best foundations I’ve ever tried. So many people have told me that my skin looks amazing (when I’m wearing this product.) It feels very light and as if I’m wearing no makeup. While I’m applying chanel makeup, I can literally see all my flaws go away. Although, I must say, if you have lines/wrinkles, it may sink into your skin making them appear more obvious. Other than that, this is one of my best foundations.
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Sunscreen and Summer Skin Protection

Its warm outside, and sunny. Most like to get out to places such as the beach to stay cool.

Sun protection is a must among the young and the older generation. Wearing sun screen of at least 20 SPF is recommended.

Don’t fall into the category, many of us shun sunscreen for the following reasons:
“It feels greasy.”
“It makes me break out.”
“It stings my eyes when I sweat.”
“It’s too expensive.”

If you regularly use one of these excuses, there’s good news: Manufacturers have heard you.

Gone are the days when sunscreen meant smelly, milky-white goop (though that variety still exists). Today’s array of products includes sticks, gels, lotions, and sprays — scented and unscented — that make it easier for consumers of all ages and lifestyles to follow the recommendations for sunscreen use. Clarins skincare makes an excellent source providing, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Check out
Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream SPF20-
Clarins Sunscreen Stick High Protection Spf 30

Luxury Parlor's 5 Top Summer Fragrances

Whether to don soft floral or woodsy citrus is not the only question when wearing perfume. Are there places on the body where perfume is more effective? How long do various types of perfume last in the bottle and on your skin?

What are notes? How many notes are there? Here’s a definitive guide for how and when to don your most essential refinement, your fragrance. Your fragrance communicates as much about you as your skin, voice, and smile, so ensure that it’s speaking well of you.

The first step to find your signature scent is to test them. When testing a new perfume, give the notes ten minutes to unfurl for a complete olfactory picture to emerge. Your nose won’t be able pick up a perfume’s complexities if you test more than three fragrances at once; limit your testing to three at a time.

Some fragrances designed specially for summer on warmer skin. Your body heat rises the fragrance will blend with your natural body’s scent. Remember less is more.