Brazilian Heat Luxuryparlor Flat Iron Review

Flat ironing our hair is no beauty secret. Women everywhere want a dependable and cost efficient hair iron. Choosing a flat iron with temperature control is important for fine or straight hair in particular. The finer your hair, the cooler your tool temperature should be.

Experts suggest starting as low as possible (somewhere around 180°F) and working your way up if necessary. If you notice frizz, dry ends or breakage, the iron may be too hot. offers quality flat irons that does not uses metal plates. These plates do not heat evenly, may grab hair and perform poorly overall. New high quality models use ceramic plates or ceramic/tourmaline plates. These plates heat gently and do not burn hair. They seal the hair follicle, stop moisture loss and are responsible for that movie star look.

Brazilian Heat flat irons provides the best and safest heat delivery method for glossy and smooth hair with its Tourmaline infused ceramic plates.

It even features a digital display and temperature lock so you can set the temperature to remain at a constant level to produce amazing results for your hair. The guide teeth are also removable, making straightening even easier. Thermal pouch included.

There are a variety of protection sprays to apply to hair before styling. CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray offers one of the best by expert for hair.


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