Fusion Beauty Lipfusion XL Lipcare Review

Fusion Beauty LipFusion, the one the hottest lip plumper this summer, with revolutionary patented technology that delivers micro-injected collagen to the lips. Lip fusion cosmetics line creates a super sexy, plump pout instantly without the pain and cost of injections. Fine lines and even deep wrinkles are visibly and measurably reduced, vertical and horizontal forehead furrows, and frown lines, are softened, and skin becomes smoother, firmer and healthier.

Fusion cosmetics impressive line of lip plumper is perfect to add to your overall beauty regime. There is a sexy sheen, that effect last long, resulting in fuller lips all day. This was the only plumper that had a semi-permanent effect. I would recommend this for the everyday women. It Stays on for a long time and really does pump up the lips.

A variety of colors are available for the lips. One of favorite LipFusion collagen lip pump Color is Shine Dream ( Sheer Plum Cream ). Marine collagen micro spheres are absorbed by lips after application. It Holds moisture & plumps lips instantly. Lips appear fuller, smoother & radiant. Long lasting results up to 48 hours.


Introducing New Kerstase Products 2011

Chroma Sensitive is the 1st anti-fading cleansing balm to wash hair without washing away color.
Chroma Sensitive is an ultra-gentle, low-foaming creamy formula that reduces friction on the hair fiber, keeping the surface smooth, locking in color and boosting radiance.

L’Oreal Serie Nature Douceur D’Huiles recommended for Rebellious and Unruly hair Formulated to address the problems associated with thick unruly hair, Serie Nature Douceur Dhuiles Shampoo will help to restore your hairs natural smoothness and make it more manageable. Continue reading

Chantecaille Cosmetics

Finding the perfect foundation is a lot like searching for a soul mate with out experience. You will flirt with many sample some briefly but when you finally meet the one for you, your skin lights up from within and your friends comment on how well you look.

Many women has tried water and oil-based foundations, loose powders, stick foundations, mattifying, illuminating, minerals, the whole works. I stumbled upon this one Saturday after lurking around the beauty counters as usual for while.

Many every day women can agree our beauty counters contain half-used bottles and tubes which we tire of after the initial excitement of a new product has worn out. Chantecaille’s cosmetics is but one of a few voted by women as quality makeup, with repeated loyal customer. Continue reading

Davines Nourishing Moisture Remedy Shampoo and Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle

With the state of the environment becoming more and more of a global focus, it seems only natural that beauty companies have started to raise their standards to face this challenge.

Meet Davines — a high-end Italian company with a presence in over 60 countries. Their products feature ingredients focused on sustainability. “Beauty will save the world,” says the company. How so, you might ask? With products that are not only good for your hair, they say, but good for your environment as well.

Davines ShampooThe Nourishing Moisture Remedy Shampoo and Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle, which I was able to try courtesy of Davines, will clean your hair and your conscience. Rice protein, a natural “body builder,” and seaweeds (natural hydrators and cleansers) make appearances in both products in addition to other natural ingredients. Continue reading

Summer Hair Care Tips

Hairs are the most imperative part of the women’s beauty. Summer brings in lots of energy but it is also accompanied with the scorching sun. The heat emitted from sun in this season leaves hair dry and brittle. If proper care is not taken then split ends are bound to happen in frizzy hair as well as straight hair. In order to prevent the hair from the summer damage and maintain the healthy hair every individual has to put in some extra efforts. Continue reading

Airbrush Makeup: Look Even Better with Clinique Products

Foundation you say, how can something so basic and functional be so incredibly tricky?

There are so many considerations when it comes to finding the perfect foundation – colour and shade (dark, fair, medium, tan, olive, pink undertoned, brown undertoned, yellow undertoned?), skin type (oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, normal skin?), brand loyalty, individual preference (shimmery, matte, oil-absorbing, light-reflecting?) – the list is endless.

So if and when you find a foundation you fall in love with, apply with care and continue to follow a skin care regime.
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Chanel Makeup Review: Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Fluid Makeup SPF15

Coated pigments hide imperfections with an optical effect. Polymers in the formula optimize hold. Leaves you an even & beautiful complexion all day long.
* good coverage
* feels light
* natural look
* Creamy texture
* nice container

* price

This is one our favorite go-to products. It’s literally one of the best foundations I’ve ever tried. So many people have told me that my skin looks amazing (when I’m wearing this product.) It feels very light and as if I’m wearing no makeup. While I’m applying chanel makeup, I can literally see all my flaws go away. Although, I must say, if you have lines/wrinkles, it may sink into your skin making them appear more obvious. Other than that, this is one of my best foundations.
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